How to effectively- Hide your retargeting cookie for ‘X’ seconds.

In any business, it happens 99.9% that your website visitor will not convert. Retargeting, or remarketing is one way that you can re-attract bounced traffic after it leaves your site.

So what is retargeting and why is it important? Retargeting is basically a way of online marketing where you specifically target a visitor who bounced back from your website before converting. It is a cookie-based technology to follow and stay in front of previous site visitors. Why is retargeting important?

  • It acts as a digital reminder to potential clients of their desire to successfully make a purchase from your site, hopefully encouraging them to come back to seal the deal.
  • It is often used to raise brand awareness in the digital marketplace, keeping your work at the forefront of potential client’s minds.
  • It allows you to focus on clients you know already have some degree of interest. This means a much better ROI.

Now the next question is are you doing it the right way?

If you google the word ‘Retargeting’, you will be surprised to see a 1000 articles about how effective re-targeting is. From internet marketing gurus like Neil Patel to large corporations like Amazon. What they are not talking about is, how to effectively do the re-targeting.

Why? Because most of them are doing it wrong!

Imagine a scenario where you are running an ad for your funnel. Chances are that about 78% of the traffic is junk. It may be from your competitors, who are mainly looking into your offer, your funnel design and many other aspects. Or some useless junk traffic that is never going to convert.

Well, think about it like this; if 78% of the visitors to a page retargeted by the cookie are leaving before viewing or clicking more pages on the site then they are not finding the content they were looking for. This means that 78% of my ad spend is not being targeted correctly, and potentially wasted.

Lets talk in layman’s language to help you understand better.

Imagine you end up spending your first $100 for 100 visitors. Like I mentioned, 78% of the traffic will be junk, meaning you have already wasted your $78.

If you don’t retarget all those people who bounced, they you will not be wasting as much of your ad spend. Those people aren’t interested anyway, so it’s only a good thing to end up excluding them and saving some bucks.

What is the solution?

The best possible solution is to wait around a few seconds before you tag them with a cookie, by “hiding” the cookie. This allows long enough for those 78% junk who are eventually never going to buy from you and will bounce off. Meaning only the interested visitors are targeted and tagged with a cookie.

All it takes is a simple piece of code, so that x seconds pass before the cookie tags the visitor.

Using this simple string of code allowed us to wipe out the 78% of wasted ad spend.

It works all the time!

So, to ease things up for you here is the link of a tool that auto-generates this javascript code with ‘X’ seconds delay.

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