How to convert New Facebook members into Leads

Facebook groups are an awesome way to build up your own community.

But if you have a successful group already, then you know that Facebook doesn’t allow you to easily email your group members directly.

But Facebook allows you to ask up to 3 questions for people requesting to join your group to answer.

This lets you screen your potential members to make sure they are the right fit for your group.

Some creative FB group admins have been using one of these questions to ask for a members email address, typically by offering a lead magnet as an incentive.

Sure there are some hacky ways to add your group members to your email list, but it’s a manual process and very time consuming.

However, there’s a better way to automatically add your Facebook group members to your favorite email service.

There are mainly 3 ways of setting this up-

  1. Using chrome extension – Group Leads
  2. Using chrome extension – Group Convert
  3. Hiring a Virtual Assistant / Do it yourself – FREE


Group Convert solves this problem. It’s a handy Google Chrome extension that was recently launched by Kim Dang. Whenever you approve a member of your group, it saves their info (username, first name, last name) plus their answers to your Group’s screening questions.

From there you can have it push that saved data into a Google sheet and then use Zapier to hook it up with your current email service.

So everytime members get added to your Google sheet, Zapier will automatically add them to your email list.

Setting up Group Convert is pretty much easy.

  1. First, once you’ve purchased it, you’ll get a link to install the Chrome extension.
  2. Grab the Google sheet template which you’ll also get a link to after you purchase. This is where your FB group member email address and other answers will ultimately be stored.
  3. Go to your actual Facebook group page. Go to Moderate Group > Member Requests. You’ll see that Group Convert has added a little text area where you can enter in your Google sheet url.
  4. You’ll need a Zapier account and of course an account with your favorite email autoresponder.
  5. After connecting your Google sheets account you’ll be asked to setup your Google Sheets Spreadsheet row.
  6. Click continue, test out the zap if you wish and click Finish. You’re all set!

Group Convert has a pretty reasonable pricing structure. If you only need it for 1 Facebook group then it will only cost you $10 a month. If you want to use it for up to 3 Facebook groups you’d pay $17 a month. And if you want to use it across unlimited FB groups, then you can just pay a $197 one-time payment.

Looking for a much better alternative?

I am sure you must have noticed that you need to setup your Zap while using Group Convert. Let me just make it much better for you. 

Read below.


Steps mentioned in Part I are pretty much common here, with the addition of Setting up Email Auto-Responder from within the extension. Thus, all the Zap part is not required.

  1. Go over to your group, setup the three Facebook group questions you want new members to answer when they join. Make sure the last question request for email.
  2. Install Group Leads chrome extension [Click any of the buttons below, we would send your copy + License], connect the provided google sheet format and hook it up with your email marketing software 
  3. Go over to new members’ requests, select your filters and hit Approve All button and see all leads info get added to your google sheet and your email list populated with leads’ emails with just ONE CLICK.

Group Leads integrates with popular email marketing softwares & CRMs. Once connected, you can set up different behavior rules to deliver anything to your group members after adding them to your email list and much more!

PART 3: Using a Virtual Assistant or doing it manually (FREE)

I am sure you must have understood the complete concept. 

See this video-
You can drop me a PM if you need this script.

And follow the steps mentioned in the video, simply copy paste the emails in a google sheet and link to your Auto-Responder using Zapier (Steps have been mentioned in part I).



If you are new with Facebook groups and have limited number of members like 10-20K, I would suggest you to do things manually or hire a VA.

Else you can always go with these premium extensions-

GROUP LEADS => Get here


If you need any help setting things up manually, drop me a PM.

Together We Rise!

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